Sidhu Moosewala has risen from the ground to the top order in the Punjabi Music Industry. I believe he took the shortest time possible to became a good arguable GOAT. 

Getting The First Song 

Before becoming a star, Sidhu was an engineering student at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Punjab. This is what the internet has told me about where the spark came from:

Sidhu was always interested in singing but he did not have any lyrics available to sing. He had to turn down many lyricists because they were charging him exorbitant amounts.

In 2015, some lyricist finally makes a deal with Sidhu to give him lyrics to sing. But he keeps stalling Sidhu for the deal. One day, he says “Come to my pind (village) and take the lyrics from me.” So Sidhu decides to pay him a visit. But luck wasn’t in his favour that day. It started raining heavily when Sidhu was midway through his destination. He finally reached the pind and called the guy to guide him to his home. The lyricist told him that today he won’t be able to give him the lyrics so visit some other day. This event left him devastated. From that day, he decided to write lyrics by himself.

He did not know how to get started so he practised writing in his college hostel room. He was turned down by many artists, but finally, his hard work paid off and Punjabi singer Ninja picked up his lyrics. He released a new song named License.


The song was an instant hit and everyone appreciated the lyrics. Sidhu’s journey had finally has begun.


He is seen in a college fest in this video, having the time of his life. He does not know yet where’s life gonna take him.


Flight to Canada 

Like every other Sikh guy, he boards a flight to Canada to pursue higher education. He meets Elly Mangat over there, who introduces him to Karan Aujla and Deep Jandu. Together these 4 started working on music projects.

Sidhu wrote the lyrics for Deep Jandu’s song “Agya ni ohi billo time” which went on to become Deep’s tagline in every song he produced.

Deep Jandu produced Sidhu’s first song, G-Wagon. It was an instant hit. A new singer was born.

After they split, Sidhu met Byg Byrd and Sunny Malton and together they gave the world a superhit “So High”. From here, this tremendous trio was born.

Sidhu went on to do more bangers with Byg Byrd and Sunny Malton include It’s All About You, Just Listen, Dollar, Issa Jatt, Tochan and many more. You just knew the song is going to be a superhit if Sidhu & Byg Byrd are present in it!

His song “B-Town” revolves around his college life and adventures around Brampton, which he calls his “second hometown.”


Sidhu vs Karan Aujla Fight

You all know about this fight. These two have been fighting since you have known both of them.

It all started back when Sidhu met Karan via their mutual friend, Elly Mangat. Sometime down the line, Elly Mangat & Karan Aujla had a fight and both went separate ways. Deep Jandu went with Karan Aujla and Sidhu decided to continue on his own.

Later, Sidhu’s 11 songs were back-to-back leaked. He said in an interview that he knows who leaked his songs, targeting Karan Aujla.

The result? This:

Karan Aujla released this song named “Lifafa”, targeting Sidhu Moosewala. In return, the latter released a song “Warning Shots” as a reply to Karan.

They are now often seen dissing each other at their live concerts, and the beef is indeed a treat to watch.




Sidhu vs Sippy Gill Fight

They have both worked together in 2017. It is said that it all started when in a concert, Sidhu openly challenged anyone in the industry to come at him and he’ll be found ready. To which Sippy Gill took offense & replied to him and a new beef started. The video below has the full beef covered:

Sidhu Moosewala and Brown Boys (Byg Byrd, Sunny Malton) Fight

They were best friends but one day, they had a huge fight. 

This happened in 2020. One song named “My Block” was pending release since two months. Byg Byrd and Sunny Malton wanted the song to release but Sidhu didn’t want to release the track yet. 

So Byrd went on to put the song’s teaser on the internet and also saying that he’ll leak the full song if he gets 20k comments. The video was removed due to a copyright strike, and then Sidhu’s Media company put out an official statement that legal action would be taken against anyone putting out teasers like this, targeting Byg Byrd. 

Both the parties came on Instagram live to give their piece of mind. It really got out of hand when Sidhu and Gold Media put out copy strikes on Byg Byrd’s videos many of which Sidhu wasn’t even featured in! The matter didn’t ever get settled, so no more Byg Byrd Collaborations. At least for now.

If you want to watch both in action, here you go:

It’s All About Time….

The below clip from a concert a month ago before the split, where Sidhu is saying Byg Byrd is that he is the best thing that has happened to him. People say things but he knows in his heart that they are NEVER going to separate. His lyrics and singing might have been good, but without Byg Byrd’s beat, the songs would have been nothing. Oh man, how the tables turn.

Sidhu Moosewala v/s Media

We all know how paparazzi has been often accused of harassing celebrities. They had been targeting Sidhu for a while now. So he came on Instagram live thrashing the media because they were circulating click baits about him. He said that media should be thrashed and shown their place in society. “Media has become a censor board themselves. What I eat, what I do, they cover every single thing I do. But where’s the censor board for you? Who will censor you and penalize you when you put fake news about me? You have put over 75 fake news about me and not even one of them is true. I don’t have the time to run behind you yet, but once I get free, I will definitely take legal action and show you your place.” 


Criminal Cases

Currently, Sidhu has multiple cases registered against him. This is the reason why he has been unable to leave India and go to Canada in the year 2020. 


He went underground to evade arrest. He also very proudly released a song comparing himself to Sanjay Dutt, which I feel was not necessary and also not something to be proud of.

Yes of course, someone put a case for the song too because it was glorifying violence.

The question is: Does Sidhu Moosewala gives a single f***? Nope.

The Marketing Phenomena

“So High” was a banger, but came across everyone on Youtube only because they boosted the song with paid views. We humans are a sucker for huge numbers, so when we saw that 80+ Millions at that time, you jumped in to listen to the song like everyone else. The song was crazily energetic, so you listened to it on repeat. Word of mouth did its magic too, and Sidhu became a star overnight.

He has such a huge fanbase now that he once asked his fans to do 1 million comments on his Instagram post to release a new song and he got that within 1 hour.


The Aftermath

He currently lives with his parents at pind Moosa. Currently, he is in full support of the farmer protests and tries to amplify their voices as much as he can. 


Stay high, king! 👑

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