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Who doesn’t hate ads? We all do. Ads annoy us a lot. They take our time for no reason. Ads mostly show us unreasonable products which we are not going to buy anyway. Ads can range from huge banners around your town to a tiny little bar below some free app.

With latest tracking mechanisms, if you search for a certain product on internet then the product follows you everywhere.  You see similar products on almost every other site you visit which might influence your decision of buying it.

We live in a digital world and we see product suggestions according to what we’ve recently searched or had a conversation about. This mostly flips people out and makes us question the fact if privacy on the internet is still in existence today?

No matter how much we hate ads, we should always remember it is because of the ads why most of the internet is free.

Ads help websites and brands earn revenue to keep their services free for all users. Let me give you an overview on what would happen if there would be no ads on your favourite services you’ve been using for free all along.

No free Social Media Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

With no ads, you won’t be able to enjoy your favourite Social Media Apps. You would be required to pay a monthly or a yearly subscription amount to avail the benefits you’ve been enjoying for FREE all this while.

No free YouTube, world’s biggest video platform

YouTube ads are annoying as hell but if there were no ads, you would’ve ended up paying quite an amount to watch videos. YouTube could’ve limited your video bandwidth or views as per your paid subscription plan. They could charge new users for uploading new videos and charge them for keeping the video for more than a particular time period. The idea of a paid YouTube is scary and it should scare you too.

Less information available on the Internet

We know Wikipedia doesn’t have ads [Wikipedia survives on donations of its readers]. But all the necessary information isn’t always available on Wikipedia. No ads will force the freelancers and bloggers to shut down their informative websites due to lack of funds which were earlier running thanks to the revenue of ads.

 Google would be a paid search engine

Without ads, Google wouldn’t have enough revenue to keep its servers running. So Google will probably end up charging you a monthly or a yearly fee in exchange for access to the search engine.

No more free sports on the internet

Without ads, you’ll lose access to free live sports match streaming. You’ll have to buy a subscription just to watch your favourite sports which you used to watch for free.

Expensive Newspaper

Your daily newspaper would be a lot more expensive than it is now if there were no ads in your newspaper.


No ads will make you less aware about the new product launches, new shopping venues, various new websites and so on.  No ads will make you less aware about the society and latest trends of today.

We still always have the option to buy premium subscriptions or passes to avoid ads. Most of the internet users are free users and to keep the internet free, the ads are essential. So we should appreciate (not really) advertisements for keeping the internet and many other services operational free of cost.


Gunkaar Singh

I'm 21. I started this blog in 2018 with an aim to improve my content writing skills. Left my job recently to fully focus on Content Writing. I also write on Linkedin, Medium and Broadcast Lists App as well. Reach out at gunkaar.singh17[at] for any further queries.

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Navya sethi · August 31, 2018 at 2:14 pm

Yes, ads are really annoying

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