Thanks to Internet, it must have come to your notice that due to heavy rains, Kerala is facing its worst ever floods after 1924. Death toll as of yet is at over 300. Your family and friends must’ve been sharing an article or a call for help for Kerala Flood Victims everyday. Many people have complained about how Indian Media isn’t giving importance and covering the Kerala Floods. We have witnessed a similar scenario back in 2015 during Chennai Floods. So why doesn’t Indian Media wants to cover such an important natural disaster? Let’s find out :-


  • This news is not of Delhi or Mumbai.

Almost all the Media Houses are either based out of Delhi or Mumbai. Delhi because it is the capital city of India. In Delhi, we have The Supreme Court of India, The Parliament, Head Offices of Major Political Parties amongst many other places of importance from where the Media can easily get the “Masaledaar” news from. Mumbai is the main hub of Bollywood. Every ordinary artists’ journey to being a Superstar starts from here. Any news that happens with the 500-700km from Delhi or Mumbai can be easily covered because the top talented journalists are deployed here only. Hence we get a full day coverage if anything happens in UP or Haryana as well but we don’t get any good coverage from South India or states like Assam and Meghalaya. It is because Media doesn’t have more than one or two people deployed at these locations and that too only for covering sports or political news.




  • This news is not political.

One of the biggest problems why media doesn’t want to cover it because the Kerala Floods are a natural disaster. Media is unable to give this news a “Hindu-Muslim” angle or blame it on BJP or Congress. What’s the point of having debates on the channel without taking jabs on religion or politicians?



  • This news doesn’t have “Masala”

This news only has one viewpoint. This news isn’t the Sheena Bora or Aarushi Talwar Murder Case which can be “milked” and be reported with different angles and broadcasted all over India for days. This news isn’t even related to any huge political figure. So why do we expect our media to give importance to floods this time rather than TRPs?



  • This news isn’t associated with any self-styled Godman.

Every 2-4 days we get to hear a fun news about some famous self-styled Godman. Mostly Raadhe Maa amazes us with her statements in Broken English or we get entertained by watching Nirmal Baba’s show with some amazing “kirpa”. People enjoy this and good TRP is attained as well. So why should media priotise on the floods?




  • Media doesn’t report the news, it “sells” it to us

Unless the news has a potential to “sell”, the media doesn’t want to cover it. When a new is unable to get good TRPs and make people glue to their TV screens for hours, then what’s the point of giving importance to such a news? These days media doesn’t report the news, it “sells” it to us.




Despite not having much support from Indian Media, The Social Media took the responsibility of letting everyone know the problems Kerala is facing and has been successful. People and organizations have run different campaigns to help the victims. Temples, Chruches, Gurudwaras, Mosques have their doors open 24×7 for anyone seeking help or a place to stay. You can also help by donating the amount of our choice. For more info and where to donate you can go to :-

If Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji would have been alive today, I bet he would’ve definitely wanted peace and harmony for Kerala Flood Victims and the Media should focus on the floods instead of him.

As per the official statement of Kerala CM, there has been 19,000 Cr worth damages to the state and a lot of people have become homeless. Let’s donate and pray for the victims.



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