Google is the world’s largest and most used search engine on the internet. Without Google, our life is incomplete. Almost no one can live in this age of digitalization and internet without opening Google or using any of the Google’s services atleast once in a day. Google provides different services such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Adwords and Google+ being amongst many of them. Google also developed Google Android OS for Smartphones and Tablets which covers about 81.7% of the devices in the market. But you’ll surprised to know that with every query you search on Google, you contribute towards a great amount of pollution to the environment.

According to the report by Harvard University USA, Google is able to show us such high quality and accurate results because it utilizes and gets data from databases of different countries in the world. To be able to utilize and make use of such powerful servers it requires a lot of power and energy resources. To ensure efficient and regular data exchange, the servers are required to be kept cool and this leads to the generation of CO2 emissions in the air and further pollution. Google pollutes the environment more than any of its competitors because of its superfast and accurate search results.

The study says a simple Google search done via a personal computer produces about 7 mg CO2 in the air and the amount doubles with every search you make. About 300 million searches are done everyday on Google.

According to another US study, in a day Google produces enough CO2 equal to 9,333 cars covering the distance of one kilometre on road.

Google on the other hand completely denied all the allegations. Google’s Deputy Chairman statements states that these figures are over-exaggerated and are not even 1/3rd of the actual figures.

Google’s Urs Hölzle explained that one Google’s search only consumed about 1kJ of energy and one car which has driven a distance of 1km produces CO2 equal to the amount of CO2 produced by thousands of searches on Google.

Google has invested about 100 crores to make the company eco-friendly and promote clean energy. The company aims to reduce the 54 million tones of CO2 emissions produced by Google’s searches.

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