Albert Einstein, one of the world’s most famous scientist once said “Two things are infinite: the universe and the WinRAR 40-day trial.”

Of course they did not say the WinRAR part but we do know it’s true. Today we’ll discuss about WinRAR and it’s never ending 40-day trial.

If you are a regular desktop or laptop user, you must have used WinRAR. And not BOUGHT it.

You must’ve either pirated it off internet or ignored the “Free trial has expired popup”. The internet always wonders why the 40-day trial never ends.

Behind this there’s a great business strategy. Let’s get into the details.

WinRAR’s trial version has all the essential features except some things such as “Add authenticity information”, “Show protocol file” and “Delete protocol file”.

A common user’s experience doesn’t really get affected by these features. The thing is WinRAR actually works on a business model known as “Annoyware”.

An annoyware is a type of software which you can use for free but it will keep annoying you to buy it and will never stop working even if the trial period ends. WinRAR works on this business model.

You must’ve thought at times how WinRAR earns when no one buys really bothers to buy their software. Think for yourself which strategy will lead to more user base : to tell people to buy the software straightaway or giving them the software first and telling them to buy it later.

Think yourself where’s more profit : Having 0.1% premium users in 100 users or 0.1% premium users in 10,000 users?

Home/Non-Commercial users mostly don’t prefer to buy WinRAR but big businesses, office users and for other commercial purposes, a WinRAR license is necessary and these are bought in bulk by them.

Imagine how embarrassing it would be when you have a million-dollar idea presentation encrypted in a ZIP/RAR file and when you open it in front of your investors, the first thing that displays is the “Free trial has expired” popup. Believe me, no one is gonna believe your million-dollar idea if you can’t shell a few dollars for a software.

So this is how WinRAR’s business model works and because of which WinRAR is one of the best compressing and unzipping software in its department.

Here’s a random WinRAR meme because why not :-

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Navya sethi · August 27, 2018 at 4:55 am

A useful peice of information

Ankit · September 1, 2018 at 3:06 pm

Nice article about winrar, It based on freemium model.Also some feature dosent work after trial is over like drag drop. Keep sharing good articles 🙂

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