It’s been more than two years since Vijay Mallya left India for UK. He is being currently investigated for not returning loans over 9,000 crores from Indian Banks. Once known by the name “The King of Good Times”, he is now currently on bail in UK and appears in court to fight his extradition case.

Statements and Allegations

It was all going fine and everyone had forgot about this until he appeared before court and gave his statement that he had met our finance minister Arun Jaitley before leaving for India and offered settlement with banks. This has caused huge stir amongst the opposition and everyone, resulting in Mr. Arun Jaitley issuing an official statement denying all the allegations.

In his statements we see Mr. Vijay Mallya’s statements and how Mr. Arun Jaitley completely denies all the allegations. The statements clearly don’t match. See how Mr. Mallya says he has been repeatedly trying to settle with banks and had met the finance minister just before he left India while Mr. Jaitley says he has never given him an appointment since 2014. This also shows Mr. Jaitley was possibly aware of Mallya’s intentions of leaving the country.

Fun Fact : Vijay Mallya was backed by BJP to be elected into the Rajya Sabha back in 2010. Refer to the news video below :-

Let’s listen to Mr. Jaitley’s statement on Mr. Mallya in Parliament and how he denies he did not have any clue about Mr. Mallya’s intentions  :-

He states that there was no orders by any agency regarding confiscation of Mr. Mallya’s passport or to prevent him from leaving the country. Why? A 9,000 crore defaulter doesn’t even has to take permission to leave the country? Meanwhile BJP has seized the passport of a student Sophia just because she raised anti-BJP slogans. Why not the same treatment was given to Mr. Mallya? Check out some of his tweets below :-

Also while Mr. Jaitley says the meeting was very short, Rajya Sabha Member P.L Punia has said they were both chatting for a long time and it was just two days ago before Mr. Mallya left for UK. Watch the video below (Thanks to twitter account @AAPforIndia for the video) :-

Here’s another video of Mr. Jaitley below where he states that the banks did not move to court before Mr. Mallya left. The journalist countered saying the case has been going from a really long time before he absconded, Mr. Jaitley says that the passport authorities had not passed the orders.

The question here arises is why didn’t Mr. Jaitley ask the banks to file a request with foreign ministry and also didn’t tell the foreign ministry about the fear of Mr. Mallya leaving the country? The Banks are owned by the govt. and they were in communication with Mr. Mallya who met Mr. Jaitley. Why didn’t Mr. Jaitley report?

A possibility of a backchannel & informal meetings

When reporters asked more details about the meeting with the Finance Minister, Mr. Mallya said this :-

His statement clearly shows that there’s much more than what he has stated to the court. Who knows how many meetings they might’ve had behind the scenes?

This tweet by Nidhi Razdan CONFIRMS the fact that there’s indeed a backchannel for informal meetings.

The change of CBI notice

CBI changed its 2015 Lookout Circular (LoC) against Mr. Mallya from “detain” to “inform” the authorities about his whereabouts which is one of the key reasons why Mr. Mallya could easily escape. CBI states that it was an error in judgement as he was cooperating in the probe and there was no warrant issued against him.

Here’s what BJP Leader Subramaniam Swamy tweeted about the same :-

He had 54 luggage bags checked with him. Who goes on a vacation or a business meeting with this much luggage? Who was the powerful person in Delhi who helped him getting the notice changed? Obviously its someone very powerful.

Well Vijay Mallya doesn’t seem any worried about this case. He regularly retweets about his F1 Race Team from his twitter account and also retweets about cricket as well. It doesn’t seem at all that this guy is any bothered. The people who are actually bothered and concerned are us.

BJP has been facing heat with business tycoon’s running away with huge loans. Vijay Mallya, Jatin Mehta, Mehul Chowksi and Nirav Modi have successfully managed to run away from the country while having loans of over thousands of crores. Meanwhile its painful to see that our poor farmers commit suicide over small amounts of loans which they couldn’t pay back due to unforeseen circumstances. Should they also take loans and loans then create a passport and fly out of the country as well?

It looks like as if BJP tried to shield Mr. Mallya and now can’t even shield themselves.

Special Thanks to Twitter User @ksagga for his twitter thread!


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