These are the author’s views expressed and based on completely true facts along with proofs without any anti-political party agenda.

Bharatiya Janata Party came into power in 2014 elections by defeating Indian National Congress by a huge margin. Narendra Modi was elected as the Prime Minister and took the oath on 26 May 2014. BJP leaders have a good record of making bizzare and baseless statements so here I have compiled a list. Let’s check it out :-

1) BJP Leader & financial analyst Vaibhav Aggarwal’s amazing response on falling rupee.

It’s sorted. They can’t fix the economy overnight!

2) BJP CM Candidate for Karnataka BS Yeddyurappa had this to say for people to vote for him.

Now that’s how one should tell people to vote!

3) UP Education Minister Anupma Jaiswal said this when asked about the Government’s new dalit campaign and new schemes.

“So that the benefits are received, ministers are going to these people’s houses and are being bitten by mosquitoes all night. Most importantly they feel good by the experience. If someone has been assigned two places, he says no, I want to go to four. Thus when there is satisfaction in work, it empowers us. Even I am doing more houses than allotted to me,” said Ms Jaiswal.”

How is being bitten by mosquitos an achievement? The Govt. should be ashamed of the fact that people have to sleep in these conditions instead of being proud of it.

4) BJP Minister’s statement on future of supercomputers.

Python who?

5) BJP UP MLA’s controversial remark on children.

“Prasad” for everyone!

6) BJP UP Minister answers the question everyone has been waiting the answer for.

“Ram lalla hum aayenge, Mandir vahi banaayenge!”

7) Maharashtra BJP MLA has got a great offer for all you singles out there!

Permission of parents is required before they can proceed further with the process of “literally” bringing you and your crush together.

8) Tripura CM’s plan to increase oxygen in water bodies.

Not only this but they also plan to distribute 50,000 ducklings across people living near water bodies to make the initiative a success. This statement might make no sense for us but experts say he is right.

9) BJP Leader’s explaination on why the Kerala Floods happened.

I wonder when the other beef-eating countries will get punished? Is this why it got covered by the media so late?

10) Our Union Minister’s simple explaination on why Darwin theory is wrong.

If you did not see it, it must not be true. Simple as that!

11) Rajasthan Minister has this to say about Cows.

How lucky Rajasthan is!

12) Tripura CM statement on the roots of technology.

Like he said, believe the truth.

13) Minister Ashish Chaubey calls Rahul Gandhi “Naali ka keeda”

Have some decency before speaking in public please!

14) Former BJP parliamentarian Tarun Vijay sparked a controversary after saying this.

How will political leaders lead if they will be discriminating South like this?


Would BJP be able to make a landslide victory again? We shall see in 2019 because as of yet with such a weak opposition, it is possible for them to do it again. Maybe they’ve saved the “Achhe din” for second term.



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Navya sethi · September 29, 2018 at 6:42 am

This shows that they do not have commonsense

Devansh Gupta · September 29, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Hilarious. GG.

Devansh Gupta · September 29, 2018 at 3:22 pm

Bhaiya ji. Padh kr maza aa gaya.

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