I’ve given a year of my life to Snapchat by creating Snapstreaks with people whom I’m not even in touch with anymore. I was way too much obsessed with creating and maintaining my snapstreaks back then and wanted to have longest snapstreaks ever. But the thing was why? One of my streaks broke by accident and then it hit me, the fact that it literally means nothing. So why is everyone so obsessed then?

For those who don’t have a clue about what Snapchat is, let me explain to you the application, the Snapstreaks and how this concept works.

Snapchat is an application which allows you to post stories (pictures and videos which will be visible to your friends for 24 hours) and send self-destructing pictures and videos. It has filters and some of them are actually funny and cool. If the receiver takes a screenshot, the sender will be notified at the same time. Snapstreaks are created when a person sends and receives pictures or videos for three or more days. A fire logo is displayed beside their name with the number of days of maintaining the Snapstreak.

The time the fire emoji appears, you have this “great” responsibility of sending the person a picture so that the Snapstreak doesn’t break. Congratulations! Snapchat has successfully managed to make you its slave. You now live in fear and crippling anxiety and have to take time every single day to send a snap. You check your phone every hour or two to check whether all your streaks are maintained or not.

Many people do this smart thing of sending one mass snap to everyone in their contacts so as to maintain their snapstreak and keeping them alive. Some people just send a blank snap (it has no picture or caption its just completely blank). They don’t even send something funny or a conversation starter. I don’t know what point everyone is trying to prove by maintaining snapstreaks if they can’t even talk to each other. For others, they might maintain a need of having to use Snapchat regularly, checking out on it every hour or two, checking snaps and replying (but not actually having a real conversation) to the streaks every single day.

So what is actually the need of maintaining Snapstreaks?

I asked many of my friends about it. Everyone had different responses and had different reasons to maintain one.

But the one main general conclusion out of this short survey is people keeping their share of commitment. The higher number of days the streak is maintained for, the stronger the friendship/bond is. So what if they forget to reply you one day? They must’ve probably forgotten about you. And we, the self-centered egoistic human race cannot stand this response. People be like “Oh no! My 500 day snapstreak is broken what would they think of me now?” I think, someone whom you’ve maintained a 500 day snapstreak would understand a simple thing that you were really busy today. So busy that you didn’t have time to check your phone this one day. But no they don’t. Most People end up fighting and misunderstanding arises.

People have snapstreaks over 500 days. It’s hilarious to see that the only milestone in their friendship is the every 100 multiple of their streak.

I asked some people who had 200-300 day streaks about what the other person is doing these days and they had no idea what’s going on their lives. Imagine where this generation is going when they message each other for 200 days straight and yet have no idea what is going on in each other’s lives.

Some people think maintaining a Snapstreak will lead to bigger things. Like maintaining a streak with the girl you like or the guy you wanna go out with. They think this small connection will help their bond grow.

Many girls think its great that people like to watch their face every morning and they have took it themselves as a commitment to send mass snaps for the same.

What people miss out on is that you can have a streak without Snapchat as well. It’s just me & you talking everyday, except its less effort. We do not need to worry about a maintaining a streak. We can just talk everyday casually, cheer each other up and stick with each other’s highs and lows. Because we know they would understand if we didn’t message them a day or two.

The thing is the Snapstreaks shouldn’t mean anything about the friendship or the bond shared in real life. If someone accidently gets the streak broken, it should be understood that they are just living their life like a normal person.

Some of my friends clearly said they hate the concept of snapstreaks and they don’t really care about their snapstreaks and they just use Snapchat for fun.

Thank you Snapchat for creating a business out of people’s emotions and regularity with each other!

So there’s only one question : How long can you maintain it?

Break the f**king streaks and live life for real! #BreakTheStreak


(With Valuable Inputs from Debjeet Majumdar)


Gunkaar Singh

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Navya sethi · September 6, 2018 at 1:24 am

Yes its an total addiction but it can be used for fun also, if used correctly

Charu sharma · September 6, 2018 at 8:47 am

Well said :/

Debjeet Majumdar · September 6, 2018 at 1:04 pm

No autographs, thank you.

    Khyati Khemka · September 7, 2018 at 3:29 pm

    An autograph sir, pls 😦

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