I could end up getting a huge backlash over this. So if you see the author on the trending hashtag, you read it right here!

After America, Indian Women have finally joined up the campaign against harassment in workplaces and standing against the predators who are mostly famous and influential people. It’s a bold step towards women empowerment and will possibly get Bollywood to mend its ways.

It all started with Tanushree Dutta accusing Nana Patekar of misbehaviour on the sets of a film back in 2008. She also accused Choreographer Ganesh Acharya for the same. Recently she filed a complaint against both of them and now investigation is underway. She has also demanded a narco analysis, brain mapping and lie detectors tests for the accused. Rakhi Sawant, who replaced her for the song in the same movie slammed Tanushree’s claims as rubbish and said she created a ruckus for no reason on the sets. Only investigations and court judgement will tell us now which party is guilty. Until then, we should stop hailing Nana Patekar as innocent “saint” or believe Tanushree for the sake of starting the movement.

This movement has hit Bollywood, Journalism & Comedy industry real hard. Biggest of the biggest names have been called out in different harassment cases. While some of them have accepted and apologized for their behaviour, others have completely denied the allegations and some even sent defamation notices to the accusers.

Some of them have filed FIRs already against the predators which is a good thing because justice will definitely be served. But what about those who rant on Twitter with #MeToo without filing a FIR and just ranting and ranting? Those scare me. And they should scare you too.

False accusations in this trend is one of the major problems which can easily destroy and ruin anyone’s career. The ultimate problem is how Social Media makes the public and the media a judge and they declare the accused a victim without any court trial or anything. One post/tweet and people will forget there is a possibility of another angle to the story. How do I believe millions of stories with #BelieveHer and not let the law take its course?

There have been so many stories of false accusations that I have lost count. I don’t know why women take this method of revenge to shield themselves, they don’t see it through how it can literally destroy one’s life.

Everyone remembers this 3 year old case. One Facebook post and everyone lost their sh*t. This screenshot was after 4 days of the incident and see how 1,22,988 shares have already been made. India has an amazing power of believing anything that comes on facebook, and sadly this post was one of them.

Times Now “almost” declared him a criminal. He was on the headlines of every news channel for wrong terms. Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal declared a cash prize for the girl’s “bravery”. While the girl was applauded as the national hero, no one did not even bother to hear this guy’s side and he was declared a criminal on the grounds of one facebook post. He was publically shamed without any VERIFIED facts.

He responded on the facebook post itself though no one really bothered to check :-

The girl Jasleen Kaur filed a police complaint against Sarabjeet Singh. The matter was so heated on Social and TV Media that one witness came forward to vouch for Mr. Singh that he was innocent bystander while the girl herself started behaving badly and threatening to call the cops to his house. But it was too late.

3 years later, the guy’s attended 14 court hearings only to see them get postponed because the girl hasn’t bothered to come to any of the dates. She is studying in Canada and doesn’t care. The case did not affect her in anyway.

The guy has lost 3 jobs since then because no one needs a “criminal” in their office. He is earning half of what he used to earn 3 years back. He has to go to a police station everytime he has to leave the city. No girl is willing to marry him because of the court case pending against him. What was the guy’s fault?

Another similar case is of the Rohtak sisters.

“Eve-teasers”, “molesters”, “harassers” and what not. These guys were shamed by top news channels and social media. The original story which came out was how these guys molested the sisters and then the “bravehearts” fought back to the boys. Cases were registered against the boys the same day.

The Haryana CM announced a cash reward for the “Bahadur Betiya” of Haryana.

The career of the boys took a huge blow. One of the guy’s selection in Army got cancelled and one of them had to drop out of college due to being labelled as a molester.

Take a look at the investigation done by The Logical Indian :-

These girls used to threat everyone that they’ll file a case against them. And when they did, they used to take bribe to drop the case. It is clearly known what they are, but no one can risk filing a police complaint against them because of the fear of having a case filed against them. They have the power that can literally destroy anyone’s life and our law even cannot help it.

The Media, running after the TRPs doesn’t bother to crosscheck the facts. False news goes viral, but what hurts me the most is they don’t care to apologize for the damage they’ve done to someone’s reputation.

In the 2018 Indian #MeToo, social activist Dhruv Rathee was accused of harassment by a woman on twitter with screenshots as proofs. The post was taken down when a girl questioned her why was she using her pictures on her profile.

Author Chetan Bhagat and Suhel Seth was accused by another author Ira Trivedi of sexual misconduct. She tweeted :-

It was all appreciation and more power to Ira Trivedi until Mr. Bhagat decided to clear his side of the story completely denying the allegations mentioning the fact while she is accusing him for something done almost a decade ago, the E-mail he has posted is just 5 years old.

After this, Ira Trivedi says Chetan Bhagat doesn’t even deserve a response and he is just twisting “friendly pop-culture SALUTATIONS”. Would you send a e-mail like this to your molester?

Who gets scared of all this? Innocent Men.

Post #MeToo Surveys with Men

  • According to Pew Research Center survey when asked to men whether the recent #MeToo movement on sexual harassment has made it difficult for them to interact or work with a women at their workplace, 51% of them said YES.
  • SourceMedia has reported that due to the latest trend women could be excluded from work situations in order for men to “protect” themselves. A high firm corporate banking woman made a prediction saying Corporations might start discriminating against females and would prefer men as it creates a “less-problematic” environment.
  • Lean In partenered with SurveyMonkey to dig deeper into the negative effects of the #MeToo. Almost half of the male managers they surveyed reported being “uncomfortable participating in a work activity with a woman, such as mentoring, socializing or working alone”. Senior positioned men were more likely to prefer a junior male colleague over a junior female colleague to travel along with.

#MeToo movement could hit a huge backlash

A fake accusation will make everyone think about the genuineness of other legit cases. Women are known to falsely accuse men whether for personal, political or strategic reasons. A Woman can accuse a high-profile man and make the message go viral on social media, but when it’s proven as false, the backlash will begin. The quick response will be “See I told you all these stories aren’t true. Women are making stuff up.”

One of the biggest problems and impacts it could have in the coming years is men will stop hiring women, meeting or socializing with them.

Soon all men might have to drive bikes like this :-

Men are already nervous about all this. Not because they’ve committed a harassment crime, but because they don’t really know what is the line.

Would a simple hello but no handshake be fine? Would now patting on the back of my female best friend be a crime? Would a joke about her get me trending on twitter with the #MeToo hashtag? I don’t know and it all scares me. I already feel uncomfortable travelling in public transport with women because you never know when you could be declared a criminal and be stripped of your respect and recognition. This confusion of men could turn into anger.

Women could end up losing the support of their male colleagues because raising an issue after 10-20 years is really difficult to investigate into. They’ll probably never know whether women are telling the truth or not, leaving them in a benefit of doubt.

Soon there’ll be similar rules like the Pence Rule. The Pence rule states that American Vice-President Mike Pence doesn’t ever meet or have dinner alone with any women in order to prevent any perception of wrongdoing or misconduct. Soon women could be left out of closed doors for important meetings.

Guns ‘n’ Roses Guitarist Slash expressed his concerns over false accusations in the #MeToo movement stating that “The problem is that you could be falsely accused of something, but it almost doesn’t matter – because now it’s out there. “

“Even if you wanted to get your name cleared, the damage has already been done. And that’s pretty sad. “ he was quoted as saying.

Men are sadly living with a belief that their stories don’t matter and it’s actually true.

The movement is justified. The women had to get out there and now everyone knows what they were dealing with for all these years. Coming out with the truth takes courage, and I’m all with women for that.

These type of women have come up too. They didn’t utter a word back then because it was getting them promotions and benefitting them. But now when everyone has settled and 10-20 years after the incident has happened, they’ve come to attack them with the #MeToo to get themselves trending.

Geetanjali Arora, writer on #MeToo had this to say on the #MeToo movement :-

It could take women years to speak up against the allegations and its fine because women are indeed hypersensitive and could’ve suffered a mental trauma after the incident. But defaming someone after 10-20 years when there’s hardly any relevant evidence to back the case up really brings it back a full circle.

This girl Sheena created a list of the people who had sexually harassed her (she deactivated her account now so I was unable to retrieve the list). After that, she created an instamojo account for people to donate her money because sympathy.

It received a huge backlash but also a huge number of donations. Whether the list was any true or not is not even known yet.

Movements like #MeToo could be used by political parties with strong internet IT cells to target people who raised their voice against the parties. Taking advantage of the #MeToo, it is so easy to destroy their reputation without any proofs whatsoever.

This movement should be used as a weapon to kill the reputation of the high-positioned predators but not the innocent for the sake of revenge or personal issues.

It still doesn’t stop the comedians from cracking good jokes though –

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