Twitter is an under-appreciated platform. The way it connects people with other people with tweets, I don’t think I have managed to achieve that sense of connectivity with any other platform.

I used Twitter mainly for keeping track of what articles I read, and what I gain from them. My former boss told me how Twitter is one of the most powerful curated content tools (if you follow the right people) and how he uses it as his notepad for thoughts and opinions, and how I should do the same.

I did this exercise for a few months and it felt so great keeping track of what I learn every day in such an innovative manner. I’ll be trying it again soon.

What memes you receive on Facebook or WhatsApp include tweets and threads from individuals sharing their thoughts and when you find it relatable or thoughtful, you share it amongst your circle.

So when a person asked this, everyone joined in to give people “free therapy”.

This wholesome community answered the questions so beautifully, here are some of them:

1. Coping Mechanisms

One more great coping mechanism which worked for my best friend: Gardening.

You do not need a garden to get started, just a few plants. Check out her page on using gardening as your coping mechanism by clicking here.

2. Meeting New People

Be yourself. You do not need to take stress upon yourself all the time. Go with the conversation wherever it is going, take their picture in your mind and as the tweet says, focus on what you think about them instead of the opposite.

3. Thoughts

Damn Carrie, you didn’t need to go that brutal on us.

4. Thoughts – 2

This tweet is like thousands of rupees worth of therapy!

5. Growing Up is Hard

Only if Bojack Horseman had followed the right people on Twitter……

6. Behaviour

Most underrated parenting tip of all time.

7. Imagination

That’s what I tell people all the time, think positive. You do not need to direct your mind into a negative spiral all the time, you need to take yourself forward and not backwards.

8. Comparison

Stop comparing. Stop getting jealous of people doing better than you. Social Media is hungry for your jealousy and anger, making you use it more. Don’t let it achieve what it wants. Focus on your life because you need to do better, not because they are.

9. Don’t “Should” Yourself

This is exactly why you have heard less “I should” from me this year and more “I will” this year.

10. Traumas

It’s wonderfully summed in a tweet. Well said.

11. Happiness

Reach the “happy” which keeps you “happy”.

You can read the rest of the tweets here.

Have A Good Day!

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