Election Commission of India is an autonomus constitutional authority which holds the responsibility of elections in the country. This body administers elections of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, state legislative assemblies as well as the offices of the President and the Vice President.

One of the most important and required factors to run a democracy include holding free and fair elections. It lays down the guidelines for the conduct of the candidates participating in the elections and the political parties. EC is hailed as the guardian of elections in India.

Over the years, reports of various wrongdoings and misconduct have increased. There have been reports of over 22 lakh names being deleted from the voter list, CCTV camera not working for over an hour at a polling booth, people cast vote to some party but the vote gets casted to another party and a lot more.

We look at the various cases EC has failed to take care of, which should have been addressed immediately and where proper action should’ve been taken, making us question the so-called democratic elections.

We also take a look at some rumors making the rounds every once in a while trying to tarnish the image of Election Commission of India.

1.Candidates got zero votes

Some candidates have reported they have got zero votes. ZERO Votes.

Their own vote even didn’t get registered. There have been claims of such miscounting and have been proved to be false.

So the EVM votes. But does it cast the vote to the person you have voted to?

2. EVM machines at unusual places

There have been many reports of EVM machines being found at places they shouldn’t be at.

EC defends this by saying they were checking “mobile signals”.

Officials later clarified that this was a spare unit and not an actual unit. Two officers have been suspended for negligence.

EC ordered the removal of the returning officer involved after the incident was reported.

How can you “forget” something which decides the future of the country? Really makes one question how much negligence is there.

How do these machines keep losing their way?

30 EVMs were found at a home in Andhra. 30 EVMS. Remember, from the physical examination of the machine at the first stage to storing them in the secure storing center, they are heavily guarded 24×7. So how do they keep getting OUT?

3. EVM Tampering

There have been numerous reports of votes being registered to the wrong candidate.

These news are just a tip of an iceberg to get you an idea of how much possibility is there of elections getting ‘rigged’.

4. The DU Elections 2018

In the latest DU Elections, it came to light that the EVMs used were not provided or authorized by the EC.

It lead to some interesting results :-

(It translates to – 8 candidates, 9th button NOTA, but still EVM’s 10th button got 40 votes)

Once again, EC does not take any blame.

5. EVMs on sale

It was discovered that EVMs are also being manufactured by some private company.

EC has put in new measures but they don’t seem effective seeing the above scenarios.

The EVM also goes through a 10-step process to secure these machines. At every step these are guarded 24×7 under heavy security.

VVPAT (Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trial), also known as Verifiable Paper Record was introduced by EC which provides feedback to the users using a ballot-less voting system.

It is not perfect as well :-

EC never acknowledges the fact that EVMs could be at fault. They think EVMs are mankind’s most perfect invention and keep on defending it without taking into notice the fact that these machines need to be tested better before they are put out for official use.

On Nov 22, Supreme Court dismissed a PIL seeking direction to the Election Commission of India to hold 2019 Elections with ballot system instead of EVMs.

If the Election Commission could actually work on improving and making EVMs a secure method to vote instead of always defending themselves and not admitting the fault in the EVMs, then that would be really great and a huge win for the common man. With the 2019 elections coming, let’s hope the EVMs are as perfect as EC claims them to be.




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Harjot singh · December 18, 2018 at 6:02 am

Valuable information about EVM’s that are being used in recent elections. ECI needs to have strict control and prohibit private manufacturing of EVMs.

Navya sethi · December 19, 2018 at 8:00 am

It should be improved

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