Politicians love to be in the spotlight (when elections are around the corner ofcourse). They spread their propaganda via various rallies, trying to woo voters with their heavy manifestos stating to fix every single problem wrong with the state/country within the 5 years if elected.

Lord Hanuman has been trending on news since a few weeks now. Let’s checkout the timeline :-

1.UP CM calls Lord Hanuman a “dalit”

While addressing a rally at Alwar in Rajasthan, UP CM Yogi Adityanath called Lord Hanuman a “dalit” and said Lord Hanuman was a tribal who worked to bring all communities together. It sparked a political rage and resulted in many cases being filed against the CM.


2. UP BJP MP Savitri Bai defends UP CM and calls Lord Hanuman a “dalit” and a “slave” of manuwadi people


3. Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar said that all members of the dalit community should take over Lord Hanuman Temples all over India


4. Cabinet Minister Satyapal Singh calls Lord Hanuman an “Arya”


5. UP BJP MLC Bukkal Nawab calls Lord Hanuman a “Muslim”


6. UP Minister Lakshmi Narayan Singh says Lord Hanuman was a “Jat”


7. UP Sports Minister Chetan Chauhan calls Lord Hanuman a “sportsperson”


8. NCST Chief calls Lord Hanuman a “tribal”


9. BJP MP Hari Om calls Lord Hanuman a “Brahmin”


10. UP BJP Leader Vineet Aggarwal calls Lord Hanuman a “Vaishya”


11. Bhopal Priest calls Lord Hanuman a “Jain”

Politicising the caste of a God whom people worship is a new low for politics itself. Playing the caste card on Lord Hanuman did prove to be costly though, with BJP losing the recent elections.

Lord Hanuman, whatever caste he might’ve belonged to, but at first he was a devotee of Lord Ram who burned Raavan’s Lanka and also helped in getting Sita back from Raavan’s clutches. He is a symbol of strength, courage, victory and wisdom. People do not worship him because of his caste, but because he united people together. Something politicians aren’t really fond of.


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Its very wrong thing

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