BJP did a heavy campaign in Delhi, inviting all its star campaigners to take the stage and spread out the word. The hatred campaign which worked wonders in Uttar Pradesh, failed to make a mark in Delhi.

Star Campaigner 1: Mr. Yogi Adityanath

Igniting patriotism in the name of votes, Mr. Yogi did receive a notice for his hate speech.

Star Campaigner 2: Mr. Anurag Thakur

He says “Desh ke gaddaro ko…” and the crowd finishes his sentence, “goli maaro saalo ko.”

He was banned from further campaigning for the elections.

Star Campaigner 3: Mr. Manoj Tiwari

Potential BJP CM face promised freebies. But also said freebies are not good. He was not really clear on his stand.

But after they lost, the whole party now blames the Delhi voters being greedy of “freebies”. Okay wow.

Star Campaigner 4: Mr. Amit Shah

The man behind the victory in UP could not help in Delhi.

They lost there with about 80,000 vote margin. Kisko current laga?

Bonus Star Campaigner : Sudhir Chaudhary

The Zee News TV anchor hoped BJP to win even more than the BJP itself.

Campaigning for BJP since years now, he was really pissed with the exit polls, and strongly blamed Delhi voters as “Muftkhors” and “Lazy” to not be voting for a change. He even said if Imran Khan fights elections promising freebies, Delhi would vote him to power!

Check out his frustration below:

Upset Sudhir tweeted this after the results:

I saw his channel today with the result coverage. He discussed how BJP has boosted its seats from 3 to 7 in Delhi, and how it is a masterstroke.

Read about more bonus campaigners like this one here.

God bless all the spokespersons to stop spreading hatred, then they might have a chance to win in Delhi.




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