The popularity of hackathons in India has continuously risen over the years. Hackathon term comes from two words – “hack” meaning high-productivity and intelligent programming and “marathon” meaning a long race.

In a hackathon, people from various IT backgrounds such as Programmers, Software Developers, Graphic Designers, Interface Designers, Project Managers, Subject Experts etc. form a team and come up with a solution to an on-the-spot given problem.

Hackathons can usually last more than 24 hours. In this sprint-event, the teams compete head to head with each other to come up with an efficient solution to the given problem.

Then finally the team presents their prototype to the judge panel of the event. The best and the most efficient solutions wins the show.

Commonly used terms for Hackathons include Hackfest, codefest or hack day.

Hackathons are an expensive affair to organise and it could cost more than $250,000 to organise just a 500-people hackathon.

So why should you participate in a hackathon?

As you all know by now, Hackathons definitely do NOT mean breaking into someone else’s computer in a marathon-type scenario.

Hackathons are a great way to find different solutions to one problem. Testing your skills and putting them against the clock definitely brings the best out of you.

Being a developer, you have to be updated with the latest technologies. Technologies keep changing, so you always have new stuff to cover. The stuff your University always fails to keep up with. Technologies which are rarely ever taught by Universities, but are commonly used in the real world.

If you have an interest and love learning new things, then participating in a hackathon is a must for you.

You are provided with Internet Access and with the blessings of the good lord, lots of food (including Midnight Snacks!) for you and your team. You can for sure work and build something you have never worked on before. Please note, you do not need prior experience to participate in a Hackathon.

A problem or theme would be provided at the event to you for which you’ll have to come up with a solution. You can google the problem and see what various solutions currently exist for the problem. You can either contribute and work on improving a current solution or you can develop a completely new solution to the problem.

Participating in Hackathons and working with new technologies does help in boosting your resumé and employability as well. Your company would definitely be impressed when they’ll know you know programming languages which are currently not your main field. It shows your love for programming, and you get extra points for it. Score!

You learn a lot at Hackathons. You meet new people and learn. You learn from others and teach others, share lots of knowledge, discover new perspectives to solve one problem with the team. While teams are in the same room, it’s also a great opportunity to promote your product. They can also help in a thing or two!

Don’t worry if you are stuck at some step. There’ll be mentors for you at the venue and will help you tackle your problems. They are mentors because they’ve been there where you are currently right now and you can definitely use their advice and help to good use.

At the end of the hackathon, one thing is for sure you’ll have a working (or maybe not working) prototype and a lit idea. Go home and expand it. Make it into something useful. Keep it or make it into something big. Endless possibilities!

If companies at the event like your idea, they can offer you internship or even hire you! So don’t miss this opportunity to flaunt your skills. Companies often use hackathons as a Talent Acquisition platform for them so watch out.

Time to show swag! Participate and get exclusive hackathon t-shirts, other goodies and crazy cool stickers. You must have seen someone flaunting these type of stickers on their laptops, time to get yours too!

One of the best things are the prizes. It does not cost anything to participate and just with your knowledge and will, you can grab big prizes! All by doing something you already love. So come out of your fear and give hackathons a try please!

Learn. Develop. Win.

Interested? Time to participate in HackVSIT!

ACE – The Technical Society of VSIT, VIPS brings you HackVSIT, a hackathon focusing at encouraging the young talent and bring people together with different outlooks and solutions for existing problems using latest technology and design. In this 24-hour hackathon, you’ll work together with your team to create and develop a solution to solve today’s problem.

Here’s a basic starter FAQ regarding the event –


17th-18th February ’19.


Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Pitampura New Delhi

Team Size?

Not more than 4.

Can I enter as one-man army?

Yes you can register, but you are required to create a team beforehand.

Any Registration Fees?

Nope, it is a free-to-participate event.

Any free food?

Oh yes lots of food. Enough stock to even cover 2 HackVSITs. Proper Meals time to time will be served.

So where can I register?

What should I bring along?

Your School/College ID, your laptop and its charger.

Is there any process for getting shortlisted?

Yes, the registered candidates’ LinkedIN and Github profiles will be examined.

Any other important info?



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Its good that things like these are rising in india

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We need more young ethical hackers! 👍

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